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Outdoor Blinds and Awnings

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Creative Shade Solutions can offer clients a variety of options when it comes to outdoor blinds and awnings.

Some of these include –

Auto Standard –
Great for outdoor windows such as bedroom and living room windows.

Rope and pulley –
A cost effective systems, great for balconies and patios. Rope and pulleys are very versatile and can be installed on all type of structures, including skillion roofs.

Zipscreen –
Zipscreen blinds are installed inside the tracks and are a more stylish type of blind which can be operated by a remote of gearbox system.

Pivot arm –
Similar to zipscreen except they don’t have a spline secured inside the track. They are operated by twisting your arms and pulling up and down.

Clear PVC (Café Blinds) –
Similar to the rope and pulley, except they are made from clear PVC. They are simple to use and great for stopping the wind or rain.

Awnings –
We also offer several different types of awnings including the folding arm awning, fixed no frame and framed awnings such as the bullnose hood, dutch hood or wedge hood.
The two most common fabric used are the pvc mesh type fabrics such as Outlook or Visiontek, or acrylic canvas fabrics such as Sattler.

Additional extras –

    • Some outdoor blinds come with some additional extras, these may include:
    • Gear Box – The gear box is used to allow the operator to wind the blind up and down. he winder and gearbox will help to keep the fabric tight.
    • Hood – The purpose of the hood is to protect the fabric from the sun when it is rolled up, it also give the blind a nicer appearance.
    • Motor – Our motorized awnings and blinds are manufactured by Alpha and come with a 7 year warranty.
    • Wind sensor – The wind sensor is another optional addition and will activate at certain wind speeds to ensure the outdoor blind or awning is not damaged during a storm.
    • Valance – The valance is a 100mm strip of fabric sewn on the bottom of the blind, it’s main function is for appearance and it help to disguise the stitching.

If you are looking for some ideas, then head on over to our gallery – Outdoor Blinds and Awnings Gallery

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