Sandpit Covers


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Sandpit Covers are important for keeping children healthy when in the backyard, childcare centre or playground as they maintain a hygienic and clean sand pit.
We manufacture our sandpit covers from UV stabilised high-quality truck mesh because it does not distort like regular sandpit covers made from regular shade cloth. We also weld panels and use UV rated thread to ensure our strong sandpit covers are a perfect, custom fit to your sandpit.

Our sandpit covers (whether round, square or built to suit a rocky area) are held down using an elastic rope thread through eyelets or ute hooks. Our sandpit covers are custom-made around any obstacles such as posts, trees or large landscaping rocks. Covers for larger sandpits can be made in two parts joined with velcro strips.
Whether you need a sandpit cover for your backyard, school sandpit or sand play area at a childcare centre, Creative Shade Solutions has you covered. Our sandpit covers simply roll aside when the sandpit is being used during the day. At night or any time when the sandpit is not in use, you can roll back your sandpit cover to protect the sand from cats, vermin (such as mice) or debris.

Keep your sandpit fresh, clean and hygienic with a Creative Shade Solutions high-quality UV rated sandpit cover. Talk to us today on 0437 345 905 or contact us online.