Outdoor Blinds Brisbane Northside

Outdoor Blinds Brisbane Northside- The high-tensile fabric, clear PVC material and structural components used in our exterior blinds make our products one of the best in the market. Servicing Redcliffe, Caboolture, Bribie Island, Bridgeman Downs, and the greater Brisbane North to the Sunshine Coast.

Australia’s weather is amongst the best in the world so it’s no wonder Australians love entertaining outside all year round. Outdoor blinds (also known as café blinds or exterior roller blinds) secured to an outdoor shade structure or pergola mean that no matter what the weather conditions are your outdoor entertaining area will be protected from uncomfortable winds, cold or the strong summer sun. With outdoor patio blinds or clear PVC café blinds designed and manufactured by Creative Shade Solutions, the often-harsh Australian weather conditions won’t wreak havoc on your outdoor entertaining space allowing you to relax and enjoy a fun or relaxing afternoon or evening outside.

Why we have the best outdoor blinds in Brisbane Northside

Creative Shade Solutions are experts in providing custom-made outdoor blinds for your outdoor space. We are North Lakes based and design, manufacture and fit outdoor blinds across Redcliffe, Caboolture, Bribie Island, Bridgeman Downs, and the greater Brisbane North to the Sunshine Coast. in the following industries:

  • Domestic and residential
  • Nightclubs, restaurants and RSL clubs
  • Cafés
  • Commercial buildings and office complexes
  • Surf clubs
  • Childcare centres
  • Schools
  • Sporting clubs
  • Any other outdoor space that needs protection from the elements

Our experience in creating a comfortable outdoor space using exterior roller blinds is second to none. We have a large range of options available for you to choose from depending on the application you require including:

  • Straight Drop Crank
  • Heavy Duty Channel Crank
  • Auto Roll Up Blinds (also called Auto Standard)
  • Zipscreen
  • Multi-stop Channel
  • Pivot Arms

Creative Shade Solutions provides the best options for your outdoor blinds in Brisbane Northside including:

  • Choose between a lock-in zip screen (which moves on a track), or straight drop blinds in a free-flowing style
  • Electric or manual crank operations
  • High-strength outdoor blind fabric in more than 18 colours, or tinted or clear UV rated PVC
  • Our outdoor blinds are Australian made on Brisbane’s northside using the highest quality materials available in Australia.

With so many styles, colours and options available, we are confident that we have the outdoor blind design to suit every outdoor living area perfectly.

Why our outdoor blinds are so popular in Brisbane Northside

Protection from dust and insects

When your outdoor entertaining area is not in use you can choose to close your outdoor blinds to help significantly minimise the amount of dust, insects, and debris that can get into your outdoor space. This helps to reduce the amount of cleaning and dusting that is required before you can sit down and relax in your outdoor entertainment area.

Control Light Levels

We design your outdoor blinds so that they can easily move up and down. This allows you to control the amount of light that gets into your outdoor entertaining area, restaurant or cafe throughout the course of the day. So, no matter whether you are reading a book, doing yoga, talking football with friends or barbecuing you will have sufficient light levels to do it all.

Block out the wind and rain

The combination of wind and rain often results in your pergola, café or outdoor space getting totally soaked. If your BBQ, furniture or outdoor lounges get wet, they will detiorate over time. Having cafe blinds or any kind of outdoor blind from Creative Shade Solutions can assist in minimising how much wind and water enters your pergola or outdoor area, meaning expensive furniture or outdoor equipment will be protected from water damage.

Sun Protection

The Australian culture is all about enjoying our fantastic weather while sitting on your deck or patio in the summertime cooking a BBQ or enjoying a nice cold drink (or both). These are ideal conditions for relaxing in your outdoor area, except if the bright morning or harsh afternoon sun is blasting in on you or your guests.
Our outdoor blinds have SPF20+ sun protection designed to reduce glare, allowing you to relax and completely enjoy your outdoor entertaining area at any time during the day.

Enhanced privacy and security

Exterior blinds are fantastic if you want some added privacy due to having a spa, pool or a low fence around your house. Fabric blinds or clear café blinds are an excellent choice when it comes to shielding out your neighbours or passers-by, or simply to create an outdoor space that just feels private.
If you own a restaurant, club or café that utilises outdoor dining then you will not only want to use outdoor blinds for protection from the elements, you will also want to have security from opportunistic types who may want to steal or damage your outdoor equipment. Experience tells us that people are less likely to damage or steal your property if there is a physical barrier discouraging them from doing so, such as a rolled-down and secured outdoor blind.

Creating an Outdoor Room

Creative Shade Solutions are experts in designing, making and installing outdoor blinds for alfresco areas. Our happy customers tell us that having our exterior blinds installed feels like an extra room has been added to their house. Restaurant and café owners also understand the value of having a protected outdoor space, telling us that having our café style outdoor blinds installed means that they can stay open longer during the cold months and customers are no longer scared away when it rains due to the fantastic weather protection that our blinds provide.
The extra protection provided by our outdoor blind products means that our south-east Queensland customers and Sunshine Coast clients are relaxing and dining in their outdoor entertainment areas very comfortably all year round.

Australian Made

Our outdoor blinds are locally made in Brisbane North making them proudly Australian made. The high-tensile fabric, clear PVC material and structural components used in our exterior blinds make our products one of the best in the market. High-quality doesn’t have to cost you a fortune, but it will stand the test of time. At Creative Shade Solutions we have this combination just right and because of smart purchasing, we pass the savings on to you resulting in very affordable prices and great value for money.

To learn more about our outdoor blinds that we provide in Redcliffe, Caboolture, Bribie Island, Bridgeman Downs, and the greater Brisbane North to the Sunshine Coast, please use the drop-down menu at the top of this page, or to see some of the projects that we have completed on time and on budget, please browse our image gallery.

Key Decisions When Buying Outdoor Blinds in Brisbane Northside

There are a few decisions to make when choosing the right options for your outdoor blinds in Brisbane Northside.

Option 1: Zip Screen or Straight Drop

The first decision to make is selecting whether you want a Zip Screen or Straight Drop blind.

Zip Screen:

A Zip screen channel blind uses tracks to guide the sides of the blind during its up and down motion. These are installed on both sides of the blind resulting in a stable motion and fully encloses the outdoor area as there are no side gaps. This feature has the added benefit of keeping out insects like mosquitos, moths and flies.

Straight Drop:

These outdoor blinds are a more traditional style which drop straight down and lock in at anchor points. We will install up to 3 anchor points, so you can stop and secure the outdoor blind at 3 different heights. Straight Drop outdoor blinds will reduce wind, block rain and the sun as well as giving you privacy.

Zip Screens are a premium option and cost more than traditional Straight Drop outdoor blind options.

Option 2: Crank Operated, Motorised or Spring Operated

The next step is to decide how you would like the blind to go up and down.


This is our most commonly sold option and are easy to operate. The crank operation means that you wind the blind up and down by turning a ratchet style control either clockwise or anti-clockwise.
Both Straight Drops and Zip Screens are available in Crank mode operation.


The control mechanism uses a small electric motor to move the blind up and down. Activation of the control motor can be via a wall switch or remote control. This control is primarily used with Zip Screen outdoor blinds but is also available for Straight Drop blinds.


Movement up and down for Spring controlled outdoor blinds is performed using manual push and pull motion with your hand. This option is the most affordable and is available for both Zip Screen and Straight Drop blinds.

Option 3: Fabric Selection – Nylon or Clear PVC

We provide you with two choices of material:

  1. High-tensile nylon UV resistant material which has a 10-year warranty

  2. Clear or tinted PVC (plastic) which has an x-year warranty

During our obligation-free site visit, we will discuss the difference between our fabric options. With a large range of fabrics and both dark and light colours to choose from we are sure to have something to suit your taste. If you are getting excited about the possibilities and can’t wait for us to visit you, you can see our fabric range right here.

When considering your colour choices there are practicalities to also consider. For example, darker colours are often easier to see through when looking from the inside to the outside, so these are a good choice if you are wanting some visibility to admire your garden or watch the kids in the pool from your outdoor area. We can give you all the advice you need to choose the right options for you.

Free Measure and Quotes

We are based in North Lakes and service all areas from inner Redcliffe, Caboolture, Bribie Island, Bridgeman Downs, and the greater Brisbane North to the Sunshine Coast. We provide a free measuring and quote service for your outdoor entertaining area projects including pergolas, restaurants, clubs, cafes, schools, childcare centres and more. We listen to your needs and make recommendations that will bring your project to life.

We will find our quotes very competitive, and if you decide to join our growing list of happy customers then we will get to work making your outdoor blinds with our installers completing your installation on-time.
For more information please take a look at our outdoor blind selection page.
To book a quote or on-site visit complete our online form or call 0437 345 905 to discuss your options or arrange a time for us to come out and meet you.