Shade Structures

Sometimes a tensioned shade sail doesn’t always work for you, so Creative Shade Solutions has a range of other shade structures available that give you sturdy sun and rain protection. Unlike tensioned shade sails, shade structures consist of knitted shade cloth or PVC tensioned over a purpose-built steel frame. These shade structures can either be cantilevered on a series of poles in one row or in four-post shaped in a square, rectangular or even in a hexagonal hip roof design.

Take a look at some of our shade structure designs:

         Hip-Shade-Structure       Spa pagola framed shade structure       17mtr x 8mtr hip structure

Shade structures from Creative Shade Solutions can be designed with limited intrusion by the supporting posts covering a large footprint. They provide great internal height with a low perimeter to maximise shade protection no matter what the direction of the sun. Shade structures also have less stress on them in strong winds as a result of the sturdy supporting frame.

All shade structures are manufactured and installed according to engineering specifications which provide you with great peace of mind.