Framed Shade Structures

PVC framed shade structure

Framed shade structures created by Creative Shade Solutions are a great alternative to a standard shade sail. This is because their outer edges are lower in the middle of the structure, thus creating more shade and increased overall weather protection.
Another advantage of using framed shade structures is when coverage is needed over tall sections of playground equipment. These shade structures can be joined together to cover large areas such as a swimming pool or basketball court as well as smaller areas like sandpits. Our support posts come with the option of being galvanised or powder coating (or both) with footings being in-the-ground or bolted to an existing concrete slab. The shade cover of the structure is manufactured from 95% UV Commercial grade shade cloth which is stretched over the frames’ structure.

Framed shade structure features:

  • High UV rated fabric is tensioned across a sturdy steel frame
  • Large shade spans can be created without the use of heavy or bulky steel structures
  • Available in either an octagonal or square canopy
  • Waterproof material avaliable (industry leading 10 year warranty)
  • Lighting and heating options
  • We can fit fabrics to an existing or new structure
  • Local council approvals arranged
  • Clever and sleek conceptual designs
  • 5 year warranty on new structural steel structures

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