Pyramid Shade Structures


Long lasting and quality all-weather protection with architectural design



Pyramid Shades are great for providing a complete shade solution for larger areas.
Pyramid Shade Structures can be supplied as square or rectangular shapes to suit all needs. These structures are designed with hips and sometimes have rafters with 4 vertical posts for support which are set in concrete footings. The custom framed shade canopy consists of either waterproof PVC or shade cloth fabric canopy, correctly tensioned over a structural steel frame. Depending on your choice of fabric, your level of shade protection can include up to 100% rain protection and extremely high UV block-out.
Translucent PVC fabric has a unique feature that allows natural light penetration, which makes your outdoor area feel more open and vibrant, while providing high levels of weather protection. All new steel framework projects are fully engineered with your choice of coatings including powder-coating, hot-dip galvanising or 2-pack polyurethane paint.

Framed shade structure features:

  • Translucent fabric is tensioned over a structural steel frame
  • Large shade spans are possible without the need for heavy or bulky structures come with either a square or octagonal canopy
  • Up to 100% waterproof and very high UV resistance (10 years warranty – amoungst the best in the industry)
  • Lighting and heating support options
  • Fabrics can be fitted to a new or existing structure
  • Local council approval services
  • Quality conceptual designs
  • 5 year solid structural warranty

Pyramid Roof Shade Structure
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Our experienced designers and shade installation team can tailor a solution for your unique shade project, providing purpose-built structures which integrate with existing buildings or can stand alone as a fantastic visual feature. Creative Shade Solutions have the experience needed to deliver high-quality shade project using Australian made products at affordable rates. Take a look at some of our shade solution projects.

For more information, please contact our experienced shade staff on 0437 345 905to discuss your individual requirements or let us provide you with a quote by clicking here.