Driveway Shade Sails


Protect your car, boat and caravan from the weather with our shadecloth or waterproof designs

Driveway shade sails designed and manufactured by Creative Shade Solutions offer great protection for some of your most treasured and valuable possessions. Our driveway shade sails (also known as carport shade sails) not only add protection from extreme Australian weather conditions but are also aesthetics pleasing often dressing up the front facade of a home.

We understand that it’s frustrating going outside to a hot car in the middle of a summers day, knowing that when you open the door you will be confronted with a heat that takes your breath away. This is compounded when the interior heat of the car prevents you from touching the steering wheel until the car temperature cools down. Once you install one of our driveway shade sails at your house or office this becomes a thing of the past.

Protection for your valuable ‘toys’

If you have a boat or caravan they should be protected from harsh UV rays, animal droppings and falling debris. Selecting the correct shade sail fabric and having it professionally installed will extend the longevity of your valuable ‘toys’.

Most people these days have more than one car and with adult children often staying at home much longer the demand for sheltered driveway space is often a problem. Creative Shade Solutions are a market leader in providing carport shade sails over driveways throughout Brisbane northside.

Choose New or Existing Structures

Our most common driveway shade sails are installed in front of houses with one side being anchored to an existing garage and the other side being tensioned to free-standing posts. Alternatively, some people elect to have their driveway shade sails tensioned between four posts. You can see both of these installation types in our gallery.

Shade sails can also be fixed to solid walls or fences with supporting posts and fixtures designed to match perfectly with the exterior of your home. Having a shade sail structure where the shade sails overlap each other can extend the covered area allowing multiple vehicles to be safely stored underneath the shelter.

If you would like to talk with our shade sail specialist about your project, please call 0437 345 905 or to book a site visit click here and we'll contact you within 24 hours.