What areas do you service?

Answer – We predominately service the Brisbane North area only.


What kind of warranty do you provide on your services and products?

Answer – We provide a 2 year workmanship warranty to cover you against structural damage. Our shade sail fabrics comes with either a 10, 12 or 15 year UV warranty, depending on the fabric you choose. Waterproof shade sails come with either a 5 year or 10 year UV warranty, depending on the fabric you choose. Our outdoor blinds and awnings come with either a 5 year or 10 year UV warranty, depending on the fabric.


How do I maintain my shade sail or awning?

Answer – Shade sails and awnings can be easily cleaned using a high-pressure hose and soapy water should get rid of any stubborn stains. Avoid using solvent or oil-based cleaning products. You can retention your shade sail by adjusting the turnbuckles. It is best to apply some anti-seize otherwise the turnbuckle can seize, making it difficult to adjust.


What type of fittings do you use?

Answer – We use 316 stainless steel fittings to prevent corrosion. These fittings include turnbuckles, shackles, 4mm (or above) stainless steel wire, wall plates, eye bolts, pad eyes etc.
All posts are galvanized and can be powder coated if requested. Posts are a minimum 100x100x4mm, except for roof posts which are 50x50x3mm.


Are your products manufactured locally?

Answer – Yes, all our products are manufactured locally in North Brisbane, we have over 25 years of experience in manufacturing. Shade sails are constantly exposed to the harsh Australian conditions and need to be able to withstand a lot of pressure. That is why we use Coats 8 thread; Coats 8 thread is highly resilient to UV and is a heavy duty commercial grade thread, ideal for stitching shade sails.
We will generally weld the seams for our PVC outdoor blinds and waterproof shade sails.


Should I ever remove my shade sail?

Answer – Shade sails are designed and installed for permanent use, however it is recommended that you remove your shade sail if you expect strong winds. It is also advisable to add the shade sail to your home and contents insurance policy.


How deep are the footings?

Answer –The majority of residential projects require footings to be between 1000 – 1200mm deep and 400mm wide. Larger sail generally requires up to 2500mm deep and 600mm wide footings.


How much UV protection do your shade sails offer?

Answer – Most of our shade sails offer 95% or higher UV protection. We also provide fabric with 30%, 50% or 75% if you looking to cover an area that requires some sunlight.


How do I know which shade sail fabric to choose?

Answer – All our shade sail fabrics are commercial grade and offer excellent protection from sun and hail. Commshade XTRA is the densest fabric and comes with a 15 year UV warranty, 400 GSM and has a very high burst pressure rating of 4100. The denser fabrics will require less maintenance as they won’t stretch as much over time.
Other fabrics such as Extrablock, Poly FX and Rainbow shade are a little more cost effective and offer a large variety of colours.