Our Shade Sail Fabrics

Here at Creative Shade Solutions, we offer a variety of shade sail fabrics from a host of different companies. All of the fabrics we offer are commercial grade and come with a minimum of 10 years UV warranty (excluding Driz, which comes with 5 years UV warranty). The sail is manufactured locally in North Brisbane using Coats 8 or PTFE thread. These threads are highly resilient to UV so you can be confident the stitching won’t deteriorate for years to comes – a good thread should last 10 years or more.
The corners of the shade sails have reinforced webbing and a minimum of 4mm stainless steel wire around the perimeter of the sail. Each corner has a slider attached to allow the wire to pivot around the corner, which helps to distribute the force.

Here is a breakdown of our most popular shade sail fabrics –

Comshade XTRA

Comshade XTRA comes with an industry leading 15 year UV warranty is the most densest fabric on the market with a fabric weight of 400 gsm. It is also fire retardant

Fabric Fabric Weight UV Warranty UV Block % Bursting pressure
Comshade XTRA 400 gsm 15 years 94%-99.7% (depending on colour choose) 4100 Kpa


Shade Sails Colour Chart







Midnight Green


Navy Blue





The Extrablock brand has been around for over 50 year and have been in Australia for more than 30 years. They offer a range of 15 different colours to choose from, most of which are fire retardant.

Fabric Fabric Weight UV Warranty UV Block % Bursting pressure
Extrablock 320 gsm 12 years 91% – 98% (depending on the colour) 3000 Kpa

Colour Chart

Poly fx

Poly fx is an Australian owned company and has been in operation for over 20 years. They have a wide variety of colours with 19 different colours to choose from

Fabric Fabric Weight UV Warranty UV Block % Bursting pressure
Poly fx 235 gsm 10 years 90-95% depending on colour 2600 kpa

Waterproof shade sail fabrics

Driz is a waterproof shade sail fabric which is commonly used in the shade sail industry. The fabric has shade cloth on top to keep out heat and block UV. The cloth has a waterproof film sewn to the cloth to prevent water from coming through. Driz is available in 16 different colour options.

Fabric Fabric weight UV warranty UV Block % Bursting pressure
Driz 280 GSM 5 yrs 92%-100% – depending on the fabric 2500 kpa