Shade Sail Repairs and Replacement


We fix minor holes and tears in shade fabric to extend the life of shade sails.

If your current shade sail has some minor holes or tears along the seam, then it might not need replacement. Our shade sail experts can quickly identify if a repair is possible and restore it back to good working order, therefore saving you replacement costs. We are known for providing trustworthy services, so you can ensure that our recommendations are ethical. When we inspect your damaged shade sail we are realistic when considering either a repair or replacement. Our experience tells us that if your shade sail is more than 7 years old, it will likely be more cost effective to invest in a new sail.

After 7 years the UV on the sail and thread could have deteriorated and any repairs could be short-lived. When considering your options, you should be aware that if repairs are needed then the sail will have to be removed, then taken into the workshop, repaired and reinstalled. Replacing the sail with a new one will ensure that you are getting the full 10 to 15-year UV warranty.

We can save you time and money by also cleaning your shade sale during the repair process so that your shade sail will look its best once reinstalled.
We love providing value for money for our clients, so speak to us today to discuss how we can help you with the repair of your shade sail. To book a site visit online click here and we’ll come to you or call 0437 345 905 to discuss your options.