Garden Shade Sails


Enjoy your outdoor spaces & avoid the harsh sun with our shadecloth or waterproof shade sails

Garden shade sails designed and manufactured by Creative Shade Solutions on Brisbane’s northside provide protection from the often harsh Australian elements whilst you enjoy your outdoor spaces. Garden shade sails provide opportunities to maximise the enjoyment of outdoor entertaining spaces as well as providing ideal conditions for shade-loving plants to thrive. Our large range of expertly-designed Garden shade sails provides you with maximum UV protection and shelter from light rain, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor space or garden area all year round.

Our high-quality garden shade sails provide:

Maximum protection against harsh UV light

Our premium shade sails provide up to 98% Ultra-violet (UV) light protection no matter what the intensity of the sun is on any given day. Our shade sails protect you and family all day long so you can enjoy your garden all year round. UV ray inhibitors built into our shade sails prevent harmful UV rays from penetrating through the shade fabric, thus providing optimal sun protection.

garden shade sail

Great ventilation using materials that resist rot and sun derogation

We use breathable high-quality knitted exterior fabric for our shade sails which is designed to improve air circulation underneath the shade shelter. This provides a well-ventilated, comfortable and airy outdoor space or garden area which keeps you and your guests cool in summer.

Light rain protection

Our shade sails offer some protection from the rain so you can enjoy your garden area even when there is light rain. The main purpose of garden shade sails is to block out the harsh rays from the sun, yet still allowing sunlight to penetrate through the shadecloth. Shadecloth material is not intended to be 100% waterproof, so shouldn’t be relied upon to shelter items that may be susceptible to water damage. If you require 100% water protection, please take a look at our waterproof shade sails.

Custom-made shade sail designs:

Every outdoor space or garden area is different, so we custom make all of our shade sails to ensure a perfect fit every time, no matter what the shape. This gives you complete flexibility with:
  • Colour choices
  • Design and anchor points
  • Shade sail shapes – basic or custom shapes

Shade sail colours

We manufacture our shade sails in a range of modern colours and heat absorption requirements. Our lightweight shade materials allow for easy handling, fast installation and removal with an industry leading 10 year warranty. To find our more, please visit our shade sail fabrics page.
Shade sails from Creative Shade Solutions provides high-quality sun-protection which are perfect for Brisbane outdoor gardens. Our shade sails make your garden area a comfortable and enjoyable environment for your guests or family, no matter what the season.

To make your garden areas the most enjoyable space possible, install our high-quality shade sails and enjoy premium protection against light rain and sun damage.
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