Outdoor Seating Area Shade Sails


Enjoy protection in your outdoor seating or lunch area with our shadecloth or waterproof shade sails

Lunch area shade sails are a great way to make your outdoor seating area an enjoyable space no matter what the time of year. Installing our stylish and high-quality shade sails is a great alternative to solid roof structures and at a considerably less cost. Our lunch area shade sails are tensioned between strong anchor points so that they can be used effectively to cover large outdoor commercial areas, outdoor school spaces or even backyard alfresco entertaining areas and courtyards.

Custom-made outdoor shade sail designs

Every outdoor area, garden or entertaining space is different, so our shade sails are custom-made to ensure the perfect fit every time, regardless of the outdoor area’s shape. This gives you optimal flexibility with:

  • Colour choices
  • Shade sail shapes – basic or custom shapes
  • Design and anchor points

Outdoor seating area shade sail lunch area

Shade sail colours and fabrics

Our shade sails are made using a range of stylish colours to suit most preferences or heat absorption requirements. Our lightweight shade materials are easy to handle which allows for fast installations and removal if required.

Creative Shade Solutions offer an industry leading 10 to 15 year warranty depending on the fabric you choose. The high-quality sun-protection materials that is used for our shade sails provide the perfect shade or waterproof cover for your outdoor area.

To find our more, please visit our shade sail fabrics page.

Shade sail designs

A cantilever shade design is a very modern shade solution especially when you need to use less posts because of restricted access to your outdoor space or because you don’t want to obstruct your view. Other alternatives that you may want to consider for your outdoor seating area and outdoor lunch space are framed shade structures or outdoor umbrellas.

Custom-made shade sail designs

Every outdoor space or garden area is different, so we custom make all of our shade sails to ensure a perfect fit every time, no matter what the shape. This gives you complete flexibility with:

  • Colour choices
  • Design and anchor points
  • Shade sail shapes – basic or custom shapes

Shade sail colours

We manufacture our shade sails in a range of modern colours and heat absorption requirements. Our lightweight shade materials allow for easy handling, fast installation and removal with an industry leading 10 year warranty. To find our more, please visit our shade sail fabrics page.

Shade sails from Creative Shade Solutions provides high-quality sun-protection which are perfect for Brisbane outdoor gardens. Our shade sails make your garden area a comfortable and enjoyable environment for your guests or family, no matter what the season.

To make your garden areas the most enjoyable space possible, install our high-quality shade sails and enjoy premium protection against light rain and sun damage.
If you would like to discover how our shade sail experts can help you with your outdoor shade project, please call 0437 345 905 or to book a site visit click here and we'll contact you within 24 hours.