Cantilever Shade Sail Structures


Cantilever shade sail structures are designed to have less posts and more open access. The main use for Cantilever shade structures are where open space is the focus of the functional design while also making a unique visual statement.

Our cantilever shade structures look as if they defy gravity while having great aesthetic appeal. Architects and builders often use our cantilever shade solutions to create striking modern building designs. They can be manufactured using either waterproof or shade cloth fabrics.

Cantilever shade structures are commonly used for house carports, patios, childcare centres, commercial carparks, swimming pools, carwashes and much more. These structures provide easy access for vehicles to enter spaces reducing the danger of hitting structural supporting posts.
Cantilever designs are a great alternative to using standard shade sails, specifically where extra posts may interfere with thoroughfares. Installation can be as a single free-standing structure or joined side-by-side or back-to-back, as seen in modern shopping centre carparks.

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